Hogwart's Halloween

Hogwart's Halloween Sign

Harry Potter is not only a beloved literary classic, but also the theme of one of LBJSC’s most popular event! Students let their inner wizard loose during LBJSC Operation’s second annual Hogwarts Halloween. The event included a sock drive that benefitted the Hay’s County Women’s shelter. Students, faculty and staff flocked to the Ballroom to get a glimpse into the magical world of Harry Potter. The event included a live owl experience, Quidditch tournaments by Texas State’s award winning team, wand making and more! Staff and students embraced the theme by dressing up as their favorite characters.

New activities this year included a live owl show and a horcrux scavenger hunt. Students took Instagram worthy photos and were able to learn about the three owls that came to the event. The scavenger hunt brought out students’ competitive side which let them search for hidden horcrux’s around the Great Hall, Gryffindor common room and Hagrid’s hut. Once every horcrux was found, students were awarded a limited edition LBJSC Hogwarts Halloween t-shirt.

Unfortunately, Ollivander could not attend the event, but that didn’t stop students from testing their skills by crafting their own wand with glue guns, paint and other magical supplies. Once they were done making their wand, it was time for Potions 101. Every student was able to concoct their own special potion to take home with them. After completing their potions, it was onto the next activity- getting sorted into houses! With the help of the Quidditch team and the Sorting Hat, students were asked a series of questions like, “what is your favorite condiment?” and “what’s your favorite animal?”. Depending on their answers they were then sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin.

Over 800 students attended this enchanting event! A big thank you to everyone who helped make it a success. We can’t wait to make next year even more magical!