LBJ Student Center

The LBJ Student Center building with the word Takeover stamped over it, and the hashtag #txst26

LBJSC Takeover

A Bobcat Welcome Event

Music, Movies, and Munchies at the LBJ Student Center Takeover! Find your people and your new home while on campus, explore valuable student resources, and just have fun! Get here early, use your swipe for dinner, and to listen to live music or play “Geeks who Drink” trivia while you eat. Meet Pawficer Brady, “takeover” our social media at one of the selfie spots, play games hosted by student organizations, and stay late to watch a movie with munchies! Explore every floor and complete your Takeover Passport before the prizes run out!

We're more than a building

LBJ Student Center Programs

The LBJ Student Center is your place to Get Involved with programs like the LBJ Fine Arts Program and Student Involvement, as well as the place to be recognized for your accomplishment of making the Dean’s List.


The LBJ Student Center is home to the Services like room reservations, dining and shopping, as well as counseling, career, and attorney services, and much more!
We're more than a building
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