Permanent Works

"Home Away From Home" Mosaic

Home Away From Home Mural



A double alumna of Texas State, Glynis Christine, designed a mosaic that hangs on the 2nd floor of the LBJ Student Center for all to enjoy. For Glynis it was important for her to include all of the things she loves about Texas State such as, "the pristine and original waters of the San Marcos River, the hills and lush and beautiful grounds, and the Old Main building that serves as a beacon and reminder of where it all began." The incorporation of actual pieces from the original roof tiles of Old Main, as well as a chunk of limestone from the building make this piece that much more unique to have on our campus. 

First Student Acquisition featured in the LBJSC

Come stop by and admire the newest artwork in the LBJSC. The Fine Arts Board and LBJSC have acquired their first student-made artwork to be featured in the building. Ashlee Brunson, a senior painting major, created this piece for the At the Headwaters Exhibition hosted by the LBJSC Fine Arts Board this fall. The piece is located on the second floor of The Liar.


At the Headwaters

Bobcat Country

The LBJ Student Center is a building created to serve the needs of the Texas State Students. Through the Arts Program, students are encouraged to express what it means to them to be a Bobcat. Every mural featured in the LBJ Student Center has been created by Texas State Students.


Bobcat Country