LBJSee Me Changing Campaign Wrap Up

LBJSee Me Changing- Tobi Jaiyeoba

This spring the LBJ Student Center decided to ask students one very simple question, “How has LBJSC changed you while at Texas State University?”

There are a lot of people who come through the building who are going to work, looking for food, going to the bookstore, or just hanging out with friends. We spent time this past spring getting to know more about the students themselves, their time here, and their relationship with the LBJ Student Center.

Throughout the campaign we highlighted three wonderful students who each answered that question for us , giving us a glimpse into their lives here at Texas State.

The first student, Mikey Bullock, took us on his journey of self-discovery and discussed how working here helped open him up to the possibilities of what he was capable of in his career, and how his time working here helped him gain the leadership skills and conviction to pursue teaching. He stated his belief that “20-somethings are at a point in our lives where we need to change, remaining stagnant is what will ruin our spark that we all carry with us,” and noted that LBJSC was integral in helping him cultivate the change he needed in his life in order to grow.

Cat Flores, our second student, talked with us about the difficulties of being a first-generation student and how challenging it was to be without her family for the first time. She explained how she knew she made the right choice for a school when she attended Cat Camp and truly felt like she was living the full Bobcat Experience. This feeling continued when she started going to SACA’s events here at LBJSC (partially because it was something free to do on campus), where she ended up making new friends.

Lastly, our third student, Tobi Jaiyeoba, talked about how hard it was to adjust as an incoming freshman at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tobi noted that, “College is what you make it to be, and if you want it to be fun, it’s going to be fun.” She discussed the importance of making the most of your time here, and the memories she has made in George’s with her friends.

What we learned throughout this campaign is that while each student had a different story, a different experience, a few things seemed to keep popping up. They all expressed how important finding a community is, putting yourself out there, and gaining the most out of your time here on campus.

Whether it be to build up your confidence, finding a support group, or simply enjoying your independence, The LBJ Student Center provides a community for each person who walks through the door.