"Light Show" Virtual Exhibition

by Will Chappell

Light Show explores the relentless motion of time through the use of light captured by cameras. Long exposures capturing motion and ambient color show what time truly looks like when not ingested as individual moments. The images displayed are all digital photographs and meant to be viewed in order around the entire space from left to right, with the TV ending the run of images. 

All still images included in this show are single exposures using the camera as both a tool of documentation and abstraction. 

Light Show 2

Light Show 1

Light Show 3

Light Show 4

Light Show 5

Light Show 6

Light Show 7

Light Show 8

Light Show 9

Light Show 10

Light Show 10

Light Show 12

Light Image 13

Light Image 14

Light Image 15

"Light Show" GUESTBOOK

"Enjoyed the exhibition!Sydney